5 Ways To Tell He’s Not Into You


Ive read lots of articles about relationships lately and I’ve seen a lot of ‘he’s not into you signs’ posts and some of them actually made me wonder if i do any of those things (Awkward) Ive wanted to write something on this topic for a while because I just feel like some girls don’t really.. get it. Not saying that my post will magically make every girl see sense because lets face it, my page is not most popular considering I haven’t posted for about a year.. oops! Anyway… it can be hard to feel optimistic when he is sending you tell-tale signs that he really isn’t that into you. After all, when a guy IS in fact interested in you, you will definitely know it. But if he isn’t? You can rest assured he will be doing any of these signs he’s just not that into you. But how do you know? Well, I’ve asked some girl friends what their thoughts were on this topic and I’ve decided to list the 5 main points that came up the most. Ones that i thought ‘Ah, classic male behaviour’ Lets get started shall we?

His replies are minimal  

Admittedly, I’m not the best texted myself but when its constantly short and snappy it really should make you wonder. Granted, like myself some guys just aren’t big on texting but if he’s really into you he would make the best effort he could. There’s nothing more frustrating that trying and i mean TRYING to hold a conversation with someone that is just not engaging with you.

You barely talk 

He barely talks to you? He never texts? It could take hours before he replies? Um, yeah. Sorry, girls, but that simply shows a lack of interest on a very big level.
So when you’ll go for days without hearing from him but you see him online, he just can’t be bothered to open an app and talk to you. Sorry again girls.

You aren’t having the relationship chat

No, he just doesn’t want to listen

He said he likes you but his actions doesn’t show it

He’s giving you the ” I do really like you speech” but hasn’t actually done anything to back the statement up and like the good ol’ saying – actions speak louder than words 😉

You Just know 

When you know, you know. You have the gut feeling and it can be for any reason from his body language, the way he speaks to you or just the way he comes across. If you’re feeling like he isn’t interested in you, talk to him about it or simply move on.


The ugly duckling does not become a beautiful swan

What makes you beautiful is thinking you’re beautiful. If you think about it, we are always seeing things and reading articles about how we should see ourselves in a good way (Although sometimes I still wish old fashioned bitching about myself wasn’t a crime, or even an excuse for a compliment) Somedays I wake up feeling ugly, and thats okay because it doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful.
The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. They have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

In Hindsight

Have you ever wondered what makes a moment so perfect? I see it in movies and i’ve always criticised my life for not being directed by John Hughes. Instead I have a image captured of how great things should play out and maybe thats the problem. What happens when something so unexpected turns out to be perfect by itself. Do you appreciate what it is and keep it that way? Or do you do something about it and could evidentially be that something you were looking for all along. That perfect moment that could change everything so fast, do we slow down?
If the moment has already been embraced, what’s next?
There’s always a time in someones life that marks an occasion and the wonderful thing is, we get to choose what to do with it but sometimes it’s a curve ball which has us wonder what the right thing is for ourselves and I’m starting to think it’s okay to be indecisive. Taking things one step at a time. We don’t need the answers all at once. I’ve come to the conclusion that if having things turn out the way you wanted them to is a measure of a successful life, then some would say I’m a failure.
The important thing is not to be bitter over life’s disappointments and recognise that every day won’t be sunny. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination.

Rap To Reggae, Charts To Classical

Not everyone might see the struggle in liking almost every music genre but believe me, it’s an awkward one. First there’s that question, from a guy asking on a date or a friend you’ve recently starting seeing more of. ”What music do you like?” Great.

Where do I even start? Do I mention my love for UB40 first or will that make you think the only music I listen too is from my dads CD collection. I could say ‘whatever is in the charts usually’ but then that makes it seem like such an uninteresting answer. I wish I could just like one type of genre in those situations, it would be much easier.
Unfortunately for me, I can nod my head along to pretty much anything so I really have to answer that question with ‘almost everything’ which makes it seem like I don’t have a personality at all. Once I actually said I like everything and the response I got made me feel so awkward and embarrassed! It was ‘yeah but what like, there must be something in particular ‘ Ummm. Yeah! Everything in particular actually! (hand to face)

Music is really personal to me, the fact I can listen to Ben Howard then maybe play some Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Young Kato, Run DMC all after one another is strange when it’s in writing but feels like my own world of music. Probably because I can literally to listen to anything. My Spotify playlists can sometimes can be all over the place.
I know people don’t generally stick to one type of genre but not everyone can listen to all of them. I don’t really understand how I can enjoy classical music and then listen to something heavy afterwards.

It’s not ALL bad! I guess if my friends don’t like a certain music whatever they put on, I’m guaranteed to like it at least.
Although how awkward when I play a guilty pleasure of Ali Campbell and get the weirdest looks. At least my parents will have a little dance with me….. Sigh.
So just remember, if you ask someone there favourite music and they say they don’t have a favourite and they really enjoy everything don’t assume they are boring just because they cant sit and talk about a certain genre for hours, we really do just love everything! Who doesn’t enjoy variety, even if its not a variety of music. You wouldn’t eat the same chocolate bar for the rest of your life, would you? 😉

Sneaky fact, while writing this I listened to m83, Sum 41 and Chiddy Bang

The Almost Uncontrollable Bad Habits Via Text Messaging And Social Media

I love my mother. I hate how she texts. Multiple exclamation points followed by rapid-fire texts that fill up my phone.  We all make text and Facebook mistakes. Here’s a list of what to watch out for before you send.

Excessive exclamations!!!
Your Facebook and Twitter updates and your texts are not as exciting as you think. Please tone them down.

Auto correct flubs
Check what you’ve written before you send. Auto correct can be funny, embarrassing, or very damaging. Funny if it’s your friend, embarrassing if it’s your mom, and damaging if it’s your boss. We are texting everyone these days. Check your work.

Over initialing
“Omg” and “lol” are OK in a pinch, but stop adding “rotfl,” “imho” and “smh” to everything. A few shorter words are great in text messages, where space is at a minimum, but stick with the English language in an e-mail. “Srsly.”

Wrong person–“oops”
ou and a colleague are complaining about your jobs when you decide to text another workmate about your gripe session. But, oops, the text goes to your boss. Please double check your recipient before firing off a tirade. If sensitive or choice information is being sent out, think before you hit send. It’s not coming back.

Too many back and forths
This happens frequently on Facebook posts: Two people completely unrelated to the image or original post topic having a conversation about, say, the upcoming weekend. Get a room, people!

Long text messages (or multi-fire text)
If you have to talk to someone about a great life-changing event, pick up the phone. Rapid-fire texting is annoying, especially if the recipient is busy and his phone keeps buzzing. I remember sending a message once about a dream I had and it looked like an essay to say the least, oops.

Commenting on the “single” post
Facebook is the new lunchroom. We all know when a relationship breaks up. What we do not have to do is comment and make everyone involved feel uncomfortable. Let some things go. A friend going from “married” to “single” is not your invitation to start cheering. Send your friend an e-mail if you want to know more.

“Liking” bad news
Everyone knows you mean to send support to a friend who posts about grandma’s death, but it looks creepy when you “like” the news. Write a condolence. Please don’t “like.”

Copying information
We use our social networking accounts for many things. If you’re looking for a job, you’re probably on totaljobs every day. Don’t plagiarize someone else’s job description. Write your own.

Tagging an unflattering picture
Use tact when posting images. Just because your camera can upload dozen of images instantaneously, doesn’t mean they need to be visible to the world.

Why I Don’t Watch Make Up Tutorials

So, Im hoping im not the ONLY one who doesn’t watch these. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched them in the past and I used to search for them on particular things I wanted to learn about… but now? No. I refuse.
Firstly, one thing that really got under my skin was watching a video on ”How not to do your make up.” This beautiful make up artist started the video by expressing how she didn’t want to offend anyone who is using the ‘dont do’ methods and that she’s just giving tips for those who want some help in perfecting their make up. Bullsh*t. She definitely insulted me on a thing on two that I don’t even class as a ‘make up don’t do omg that’s vile cant believe she does it like that’. I’ve seen other make up artists do it the way i do it…. (i’m not aiming this just at the one girl, there are many like this that look down on certain methods)
SO…. I hope my post doesn’t offend ANYONE in the make up tutorial industry or anyone who watches them but this pretty much sums up my thoughts when watching a make up tutorial.

1- Ok she’s pretty she must know what she’s talking about
2- What if i don’t want to use primer? is that okay? I don’t like primier it doesn’t work on my shrek face
3- Forever ugly.
4- She doesn’t even need make up. I wish i didn’t need make up
5- Wait, i missed that bit (rewind)
6- Why has she just sped up applying her foundation, I want to see EVERYTHING
7- Let’s try my foundation like that…. Ew no that looks weird and blotchy why would she reccomend applying it that way
8- Maybe I should start making videos, the way i done it looks so much better on my face
9- Hahahaha no i cant do that, my accent is terrible and my friends will make fun of me
10- lalala browsing for all these  products i took note of
11- Nope i can’t afford any of that
12- she looks amazing and i just look like the grinch.
13- Let me just try this thing she did and i will be beautiful like her
14- i cant do itttttttttt
15- maybe im not using the right brush, what brush did she use? andddd it doesn’t say.
16- Let’s just try one more time….
18- I give up i don’t need eyeshadow
19- I give up completly i’ll just keep my make up the same and it’ll do
20- I’ve learned nothing

Being 20 something

When we were younger, our problems seemed massive. Being ashamed to admit we’ve never kissed a boy (even though we were probably too young anyway) our crush not knowing we existed, the popular girl was mean to you or thinking your parents were ruining your life. Tons of emotions and tons of problems we thought couldn’t get worse. Well, our teens are over and the big 2 0 hits us and actually, we forgot about all those things and start to figure out things that we are all pretty much all going through in our 20’s.

1) People Change

2) Your career isn’t who you are.

3) Over-analyzing text messages is the quickest way to drive yourself crazy

4) You will not find your soul mate on tinder

5) Excersise for yourself, no one else.

6) Ignoring facebook most of the time, not everyone is how they make out to be.

7)  Feeling threatened by gym selfies whilst you’re at home eathing ice cream.

8) You’ll be confused as f*ck alot of the time

9) You have to put in effort, you can’t just get by

10) Every break up has two break ups.

11) we have to stop saying ”when i’m older…” f*uck.

12) we realise we don’t have our sh*t together like we wanted.

13) Anyone who claims they’re in “the friendzone” or genuinely cares about “getting out of the friendzone” has a lot of maturing to do.

14) The music your parents listened to is kind of awesome.

15) Online shopping when you know you have bills to pay and trying to do the responsible thing by ‘just looking’

16) Saying sorry to your parents for your younger years when you see teens and automatically think ‘f*ck off’

17) nobody is good at life, we are still learning

18) Nothing good happens after 1am and nothing good comes from drinking alcohol in the form of a shot

19) If you go digging for dirt, you’ll find it and you’ll regret it every time

20) Being positive will make you a happier person

The Perfect Wavy/CurlyHair


There are TONS of tutorials of how to achieve the perfect wavy hair and some work, some really don’t but this really does depend on your hair type! Something that might work for you may not work for me but don’t worry, I’ve found something for everyone!
My hair is Ombre and I think it looks perfect cury, it really does show off the colours in my hair.
Plus, I’ve never really been into straight hair. My hair is almost always wavey.
My techniques are so simple I promise!! I have a few ways depending on my desire look. One thing I’m not a fan of is watching a hair tutorial and they show the ”what you’ll need” and im sat there thinking ”ummm… i don’t have any of that…next video!” I only ever use TWO things that require heat, and I’m 100% sure you’ll have one of them. Straighteners of course!
So let’s just go straight ahead to something that you may not have, of course id recommend purchasing because this is what i use ALOT to curl my hair but there are ways around it 🙂

Heated hair rollers! Honestly they do the job great. So so easy and I don’t think they’re even that expensive. Of course if you don’t have heated ones just use normal hair rollers and pop the hairdrying on whilst their in your hair. It works just as well. I use Babyliss heated rollers.

SONY DSCThe rollers come in different sizes so you can go for different types of curls. I always use the biggest ones and I only apply them to the ends of my hair.
I usually leave them in for only 5-10 minutes or whenever I feel the rollers have cooled down. I love the result every time, they never let me down. A little spritz of heat defence spray and putting these in really is simple and doesn’t take long at all.

I love love love beach wave hair and I have another easy way of creating it, with no heat!
All you’ll need for this a few bobby pins, a hair band and some water.
Damp your hair from the middle down and make sure it’s fairy wet! If you want to wash your hair and this you can do that as well 🙂
Now simply gather your hair in one bulk to the top of your head (as if you were going to tie it) and then twist right to the ends, still holding your hair. Once it’s all twisted, then twist again but into a bun and tie up! It can be messy, don’t try to make it look perfect. I find the messier the bun the better! Wait till it’s dry and ta-da! a super cute beach style that let’s face it, pretty effortless!
Incase you’re getting confused with the twisting and styling I’ve linked a video for you i found that shows this beautifully!

Another technique I use now and again is with my straighteners. I simply tie my hair into a plait or just a twisty mess if I’m feeling lazy and i go just clamp my GHDS to the top of my plait for a few seconds, then move lower and lower until i’ve reached my ends. Let my hair cool down and take it out and again, another beautiful beach wave look!

This is my hair using the BaByliss heated rollers: 

10479204_475818082564929_5016789008636916605_nAnd just to show you the difference, here is my hair using the no heat method:
1506798_382051848608220_1018568187_nTry these out and post your results/what you think!

Pale Girls Tanning Guide

Well, if you know me you’d know that naturally im very pale! I used to hate it, especially when im not wearing make up and people say ‘aw you look really pale, are you feeling ok?!” awkward….
It’s not that easy being the pasty girl in the sunlight.
First things first, I’m not saying because I’m pale I HAVE to tan, 99% of the time I’m pale and I love it and if you’re pale and love it too, high five! But sometimes I do like to have a bit of a glow and tan, mostly just on my legs if i’m honest! So this is me just expressing my experience and products I love to use if I ever do tan.

I’ve never really been much of a tan person, unless im on holiday i’ll sunbathe but even summer in the UK i tend to not bother. I’m not a big fan on the results that could possibly cause harm!
If i do catch a bit of sun from just being out in it (without sunbathing) i usually just go red then brown for a max of 2 days before I start peeling, so again my skin has to be awkward. If that happens, I’ve tried a few time to match my pale face to my brown(ish) shoulders, neck and back by using darker shade foundations, maybe some bronzer if i feel like it but i really dislike this look on me, I have no idea why but i just think my face looks so much better pale than it does brown. It looks natural and clean-looking i guess!
One thing I didn’t like was getting my pale legs out in the summer! You can only imagine how pale they are throughout the winter getting no direct sunlight, so I started to experiment in some instant fake tans that aren’t too dark and very natural looking for my skin type.
This was a very messy experiment and expensive at that but I done my research and reviews online helped me out so much, so thank you anyone whose every wrote a review for a fake tan!
So, what did I use and what did I like?

St. Tropez instant waterproof tan
St. Tropez sensitive bronzing mousse
Soltan beautiful bronze
Vita Liberata moment by moment rapid mousse
Garnier Ambre Solaire no streaks bronzer
St. Moriz instant self tannning mousse

Without writing a personal review for each of these products i’m just going to explain the ones i like and why for my pale purposes.
St. Tropez bronzing mousse and St.Moriz tanning mousse are a close call but my favourite really is St.Moriz. It looks so beautiful on my skin and looks so natural. Especially if you’re like me and going for a ‘subtle tan’ look instead of fully bronze but you can achieve any look you want simply by adding less or more! It really is perfect. At first I was convinced I’d love St.Tropez because of all the amazing comments i’ve heard about, plus the fact they use it in tanning salons but St.Moriz had done it for me.

Always get the lightest shade available. You can always go darker by just adding more product. It will look muddy if you buy a dark tan on your pale skin no matter how brown you really want to be.
Start off with small amounts of product and gradually build up to the shade you want to achieve.
Use a tanning mitt!
Keep your tan up together, for the fade away process keep moisturizing so you don’t end up in patches of milk bottle hands and a glowing bronze arm

That’s it from me and my tanning talk! I hope if any fellow pale girls read this, it helps and id love to hear from anyone with more tips or any recommendations! I’m fairly new to fake tanning and my aim is to have glowing skin this summer!


MAC Studio Fix Fluid vs MAC Pro longwear

As most girls know, MAC cosmetics are in everyones make up bag, or at least have been at some point. They’re well known for professional make up that has what everyone is looking for.
I’ve only ever tried two foundations from MAC, studio fix and pro longwear, mainly because these two have the description of exactly what i want my look to achieve. I’m pretty sure these two of the most talked about foundations, especially from friends and the girls at the local MAC counter.
I’ve decided to review both of these with pro’s and con’s that may help anyone decide which one to go for. Especially as these products are pricey, not all of us can buy every single product to try them out.

MAC Pro Longwear;
As i like a full coverage and something that can last all day without touching up or adding more product to my skin, pro longewear had no competition, this is exactly what i wanted. I’m quite pale and have oily skin so I wanted to go into store and match my skin colour to the right shade of foundation. I cannot express how good it is to get matched up, it’s so important. The wrong colour can easily make you dislike the foundation straight away. Even if its only 1 shade lighter or darker!
This was my first buy from MAC so i really had no clue what ”NC15” meant. I was used to highstreet foundation ”Ivory” so I really wanted to be sure.
I’m matched for NC15 and it’s pefect for me. At first I found the foundation easy to apply but learned that building it up is much better for a full coverage without it looking cakey. So my number one tip is to not apply a great deal for the first layer. It can feel very thick on your skin!!
The finished look i was very pleased with however, it did stick to dry patches on my face and sort of flaked off… even though i moisturise a ton! So i think a primer helps with this foundation.
It does exactly what is says and lasts, all day! I did find that throughout the day it started feeling thich and gooey on my skin which of course, i didn’t like. I’m very much a lightweight feel foundation girl so if you’re the same you may not like the feel of this foundation after a few hours of applying.
As much I loved this pro longwear it really is a pain to get off at the end of the night. I had to use lots of wipes and cleansers to remove all of it from my skin which i heard a lot of my friends had the same problem. At least it’s doing its job i guess!
Overall, this is one of my favourite foundations minus the thick texture and dry skin in winter. I think if you don’t suffer from dryness this will be perfect for you. It really works wonders! I personally don’t use this as a daytime look anymore but evenings and nights out I always turn to pro longwear. It’s  flawless.

Studio Fix Fluid;
Love love love! It’s not the perfect coverage i usually like but it hides so much inperfections and lines, it really evens out skintone. This is so ideal for daytime wear, it’s a lightweight feel and again bulding up coverage just works! The smell isn’t great but once its on my face and blended I really can’t tell. It’s not AS long lasting but i never feel the need to add more throughout the day which is what i like. Adding new make up to old make up is not something I like to do with my skin so im glad it’s still long lasting. It looks really natural and can’t tell im wearing that much, even though sometimes i add a second layer! It’s not cakey too which is always a plus.
The one thing that does bother me about this foundation is in heat, i’ve recently noticed that after a couple of hours it makes your face looks SO shiny. When this happens i just use a MAC powder to reduce shine which can be slightly annoying!
This foundation is what i’m currently using and it’s my new favourite. I prefer this over pro longwear because i see more pro’s than cons but again, i still use pro longwear for a nighttime look for the coverage. It just works better for skin.

If you’ve tried these foundations or even others from MAC that you love and want to share please please comment and share reviews of what you think and what suits you. Everyone is different and prefers different foundation purely based on skin type so don’t hesitate to disagree!
If you have similar wants and needs to my overall look definitely consider these foundation if you have not yet tried and tested. Any questions also just contact me in the contact section of my blog and i will get back to you.
Thanks for reading!