Being 20 something

When we were younger, our problems seemed massive. Being ashamed to admit we’ve never kissed a boy (even though we were probably too young anyway) our crush not knowing we existed, the popular girl was mean to you or thinking your parents were ruining your life. Tons of emotions and tons of problems we thought couldn’t get worse. Well, our teens are over and the big 2 0 hits us and actually, we forgot about all those things and start to figure out things that we are all pretty much all going through in our 20’s.

1) People Change

2) Your career isn’t who you are.

3) Over-analyzing text messages is the quickest way to drive yourself crazy

4) You will not find your soul mate on tinder

5) Excersise for yourself, no one else.

6) Ignoring facebook most of the time, not everyone is how they make out to be.

7)  Feeling threatened by gym selfies whilst you’re at home eathing ice cream.

8) You’ll be confused as f*ck alot of the time

9) You have to put in effort, you can’t just get by

10) Every break up has two break ups.

11) we have to stop saying ”when i’m older…” f*uck.

12) we realise we don’t have our sh*t together like we wanted.

13) Anyone who claims they’re in “the friendzone” or genuinely cares about “getting out of the friendzone” has a lot of maturing to do.

14) The music your parents listened to is kind of awesome.

15) Online shopping when you know you have bills to pay and trying to do the responsible thing by ‘just looking’

16) Saying sorry to your parents for your younger years when you see teens and automatically think ‘f*ck off’

17) nobody is good at life, we are still learning

18) Nothing good happens after 1am and nothing good comes from drinking alcohol in the form of a shot

19) If you go digging for dirt, you’ll find it and you’ll regret it every time

20) Being positive will make you a happier person


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