Why I Don’t Watch Make Up Tutorials

So, Im hoping im not the ONLY one who doesn’t watch these. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched them in the past and I used to search for them on particular things I wanted to learn about… but now? No. I refuse.
Firstly, one thing that really got under my skin was watching a video on ”How not to do your make up.” This beautiful make up artist started the video by expressing how she didn’t want to offend anyone who is using the ‘dont do’ methods and that she’s just giving tips for those who want some help in perfecting their make up. Bullsh*t. She definitely insulted me on a thing on two that I don’t even class as a ‘make up don’t do omg that’s vile cant believe she does it like that’. I’ve seen other make up artists do it the way i do it…. (i’m not aiming this just at the one girl, there are many like this that look down on certain methods)
SO…. I hope my post doesn’t offend ANYONE in the make up tutorial industry or anyone who watches them but this pretty much sums up my thoughts when watching a make up tutorial.

1- Ok she’s pretty she must know what she’s talking about
2- What if i don’t want to use primer? is that okay? I don’t like primier it doesn’t work on my shrek face
3- Forever ugly.
4- She doesn’t even need make up. I wish i didn’t need make up
5- Wait, i missed that bit (rewind)
6- Why has she just sped up applying her foundation, I want to see EVERYTHING
7- Let’s try my foundation like that…. Ew no that looks weird and blotchy why would she reccomend applying it that way
8- Maybe I should start making videos, the way i done it looks so much better on my face
9- Hahahaha no i cant do that, my accent is terrible and my friends will make fun of me
10- lalala browsing for all theseΒ  products i took note of
11- Nope i can’t afford any of that
12- she looks amazing and i just look like the grinch.
13- Let me just try this thing she did and i will be beautiful like her
14- i cant do itttttttttt
15- maybe im not using the right brush, what brush did she use? andddd it doesn’t say.
16- Let’s just try one more time….
18- I give up i don’t need eyeshadow
19- I give up completly i’ll just keep my make up the same and it’ll do
20- I’ve learned nothing


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