Rap To Reggae, Charts To Classical

Not everyone might see the struggle in liking almost every music genre but believe me, it’s an awkward one. First there’s that question, from a guy asking on a date or a friend you’ve recently starting seeing more of. ”What music do you like?” Great.

Where do I even start? Do I mention my love for UB40 first or will that make you think the only music I listen too is from my dads CD collection. I could say ‘whatever is in the charts usually’ but then that makes it seem like such an uninteresting answer. I wish I could just like one type of genre in those situations, it would be much easier.
Unfortunately for me, I can nod my head along to pretty much anything so I really have to answer that question with ‘almost everything’ which makes it seem like I don’t have a personality at all. Once I actually said I like everything and the response I got made me feel so awkward and embarrassed! It was ‘yeah but what like, there must be something in particular ‘ Ummm. Yeah! Everything in particular actually! (hand to face)

Music is really personal to me, the fact I can listen to Ben Howard then maybe play some Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Young Kato, Run DMC all after one another is strange when it’s in writing but feels like my own world of music. Probably because I can literally to listen to anything. My Spotify playlists can sometimes can be all over the place.
I know people don’t generally stick to one type of genre but not everyone can listen to all of them. I don’t really understand how I can enjoy classical music and then listen to something heavy afterwards.

It’s not ALL bad! I guess if my friends don’t like a certain music whatever they put on, I’m guaranteed to like it at least.
Although how awkward when I play a guilty pleasure of Ali Campbell and get the weirdest looks. At least my parents will have a little dance with me….. Sigh.
So just remember, if you ask someone there favourite music and they say they don’t have a favourite and they really enjoy everything don’t assume they are boring just because they cant sit and talk about a certain genre for hours, we really do just love everything! Who doesn’t enjoy variety, even if its not a variety of music. You wouldn’t eat the same chocolate bar for the rest of your life, would you? 😉

Sneaky fact, while writing this I listened to m83, Sum 41 and Chiddy Bang


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