5 Ways To Tell He’s Not Into You


Ive read lots of articles about relationships lately and I’ve seen a lot of ‘he’s not into you signs’ posts and some of them actually made me wonder if i do any of those things (Awkward) Ive wanted to write something on this topic for a while because I just feel like some girls don’t really.. get it. Not saying that my post will magically make every girl see sense because lets face it, my page is not most popular considering I haven’t posted for about a year.. oops! Anyway… it can be hard to feel optimistic when he is sending you tell-tale signs that he really isn’t that into you. After all, when a guy IS in fact interested in you, you will definitely know it. But if he isn’t? You can rest assured he will be doing any of these signs he’s just not that into you. But how do you know? Well, I’ve asked some girl friends what their thoughts were on this topic and I’ve decided to list the 5 main points that came up the most. Ones that i thought ‘Ah, classic male behaviour’ Lets get started shall we?

His replies are minimal  

Admittedly, I’m not the best texted myself but when its constantly short and snappy it really should make you wonder. Granted, like myself some guys just aren’t big on texting but if he’s really into you he would make the best effort he could. There’s nothing more frustrating that trying and i mean TRYING to hold a conversation with someone that is just not engaging with you.

You barely talk 

He barely talks to you? He never texts? It could take hours before he replies? Um, yeah. Sorry, girls, but that simply shows a lack of interest on a very big level.
So when you’ll go for days without hearing from him but you see him online, he just can’t be bothered to open an app and talk to you. Sorry again girls.

You aren’t having the relationship chat

No, he just doesn’t want to listen

He said he likes you but his actions doesn’t show it

He’s giving you the ” I do really like you speech” but hasn’t actually done anything to back the statement up and like the good ol’ saying – actions speak louder than words 😉

You Just know 

When you know, you know. You have the gut feeling and it can be for any reason from his body language, the way he speaks to you or just the way he comes across. If you’re feeling like he isn’t interested in you, talk to him about it or simply move on.


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