My Top 5 Make Up Brushes

top 10 make up brushes FACE

After a ton of money wasted on make up brushes, i have finally found my holy grail set brushes i use almost everyday! Everyone is different in how you apply your make up, so if you’re interested in any of these brushes, i’ll include where I got them from. I hope this helps anyones quest of finding the right application!

1. Foundation – 130 short dup fibre brush. MAC Cosmetics
2. Concealer blending brush. Bobbi Brown
3. Eyeliner 210 precise brush.  MAC Cosmetics
4.  Base/flawless Powder Brush. Real Techniques
5. Blush Brush. Real Techniques

These are pretty prices but it’s all worth it! I’ve been through plenty of cheap brushes that just don’t last and don’t do the job like these above. Great care and quality these will pay off! Especially not ending up paying for another one in a couple of weeks. They last and last.
I’m always still experimenting with different tools for my make up but so far these are what i’m using and what I swear by.
If you’ve tried any of these brushes or have any questions, comment or get in contact.

Thanks for reading!



What Girls should know about Guys

Don’t worry girls, I may have done a post about what guys should know about us but I haven’t left you out, here are what we should know about them! 

Guys aren’t psychic, no matter how much we want them to read our minds. Just tell them. 

Don’t expect guys to say as many sweet things as they do in the movies. That stuff is written remember!

Guys do not look into minute detailing. So, if you gave up a quarter of an inch from your 20 inches long hair, don’t expect your guy to know that instantly.

Video games have helped men develop awesome finger skills that only encourage them to play more often.

The biggest turn off for guys is to see girls smoking. Me and my partner smoke so it’s not the case for all but for all those non smoker guys, they really don’t think it’s attractive.

A guy wouldn’t sacrifice his money for lunch just to get you a couple of roses. 

Guys are very open about themselves if you just ask

All guys want to make you happy, some just don’t know how…so help them out.

At some point a guy will try to play fight with you. There are two reasons for this:
a) Guys like to fight and show you how strong they are.
b) It gives them an excuse to touch you.

What Guys should know about Girls

If you call a girl “Hot” it doesn’t mean anything, most of us prefer to be called beautiful than hot or sexy so we don’t really care who you call hot.

Girls like it when guys ask advice from them. This action just shows that you trust her, and that she’s someone you can count on.

Girls always think they could look better, a compliment will obviously go a long way but truthfully, we’ll only end up thinking it again soon.
So for those girls out there that you can’t just win with, don’t say something sweet for the sake of it. Just tell her off and end it with a compliment, we like passion.

Never compare her to another women. I mean never… we already compare ourselves enough as it is. 

Silly quotes like ”If she isn’t acting crazy, she doesn’t like you enough” ignore the shit out of that. Maybe she isn’t crazy/physco because she does like you and that would just push you away. Not all of us are like that, honest. 

We don’t enjoy talking dirty to you as much as you enjoy listening.

Girls hate it when other girls flirt. Yet they flirt themselves too. Ah, the beauty of irony

Statements like “If that guy keeps looking at you, I’m going to tear his head off” are appealing.

Most of us really aren’t that complicated, for some reason girls like to think guys will never understand us… it’s not that hard. 

Some of us girls suck at sports, so instead of laughing your faces off it would be nice to show us how to play. But a lot of us can play sports and are good, so don’t be a sore loser when we beat you.


10 Things Every Girl Does After A Break-Up

Thought Catalog

The Break-Up (Widescreen Edition)The Break-Up (Widescreen Edition)

1. Gets drunk.

And I mean throw up, pass out, take off her panties in public because she foolishly wore the lacy black ones that itch, drunk — interspersed, of course, with much wise and depressing man hating advice that has the power to sink its teeth into unwary bystanders like some sort of horrific landshark. This can be a one night thing or a self destructive phase depending on the girl and the severity of the break up, but I have yet to meet or become friends with a girl who has not done this in one form or another. It’s as necessary as crappy love songs and chocolate/ice cream binging.

2. Drives past ex’s house and/or place significant to said ruined relationship.

Many of you will read the above and scoff and call such behavior ‘crazy’, which it totally and undeniably is, but it’s…

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I’ve been Teatoxing!


For all your girls and guy’s out there who are thinking of trying, here is my verdict! 
I decided to buy the bootea 14 day teatox after hearing such great reviews. I did not want this purely for the weightless. I started a healthy diet and wanted a full cleanse of the body which I heard this is great for. Of course the weightless is a bonus but it was mainly for my new healthy diet.  ”Eat better not less”
After a few days of this tea and special K granola for breakfast, I felt incredible! Full of energy and tones of motivation. It just made me want to complete the 14 days even more. Although the look and taste of the tea wasn’t it’s finest, it actually starts tasting nice. Promise.
I didn’t completely follow the website eating plan, I tried my absolute best not eating meat but only lasted a couple of days! So I’d advice you really look into your diet and what you want to change/replace. I decided to eat super healthy to get top results, although some people don’t change much of their eating habits and just exercise. 
As for my results, I feel great. No more bloating and I feel so great about the way my body looks and feels. 
I’d definitely buy the tea again! Maybe even for the 28 days next time, but for now I’m sticking to healthy eating with the occasional treat and sticking to my runs.
I’d recommend this product to anyone who just wants to feel better within their bodies and if you are looking to lose weight. 
It’s a yes from me! Grab yours now;