MAC Studio Fix Fluid vs MAC Pro longwear

As most girls know, MAC cosmetics are in everyones make up bag, or at least have been at some point. They’re well known for professional make up that has what everyone is looking for.
I’ve only ever tried two foundations from MAC, studio fix and pro longwear, mainly because these two have the description of exactly what i want my look to achieve. I’m pretty sure these two of the most talked about foundations, especially from friends and the girls at the local MAC counter.
I’ve decided to review both of these with pro’s and con’s that may help anyone decide which one to go for. Especially as these products are pricey, not all of us can buy every single product to try them out.

MAC Pro Longwear;
As i like a full coverage and something that can last all day without touching up or adding more product to my skin, pro longewear had no competition, this is exactly what i wanted. I’m quite pale and have oily skin so I wanted to go into store and match my skin colour to the right shade of foundation. I cannot express how good it is to get matched up, it’s so important. The wrong colour can easily make you dislike the foundation straight away. Even if its only 1 shade lighter or darker!
This was my first buy from MAC so i really had no clue what ”NC15” meant. I was used to highstreet foundation ”Ivory” so I really wanted to be sure.
I’m matched for NC15 and it’s pefect for me. At first I found the foundation easy to apply but learned that building it up is much better for a full coverage without it looking cakey. So my number one tip is to not apply a great deal for the first layer. It can feel very thick on your skin!!
The finished look i was very pleased with however, it did stick to dry patches on my face and sort of flaked off… even though i moisturise a ton! So i think a primer helps with this foundation.
It does exactly what is says and lasts, all day! I did find that throughout the day it started feeling thich and gooey on my skin which of course, i didn’t like. I’m very much a lightweight feel foundation girl so if you’re the same you may not like the feel of this foundation after a few hours of applying.
As much I loved this pro longwear it really is a pain to get off at the end of the night. I had to use lots of wipes and cleansers to remove all of it from my skin which i heard a lot of my friends had the same problem. At least it’s doing its job i guess!
Overall, this is one of my favourite foundations minus the thick texture and dry skin in winter. I think if you don’t suffer from dryness this will be perfect for you. It really works wonders! I personally don’t use this as a daytime look anymore but evenings and nights out I always turn to pro longwear. It’sĀ  flawless.

Studio Fix Fluid;
Love love love! It’s not the perfect coverage i usually like but it hides so much inperfections and lines, it really evens out skintone. This is so ideal for daytime wear, it’s a lightweight feel and again bulding up coverage just works! The smell isn’t great but once its on my face and blended I really can’t tell. It’s not AS long lasting but i never feel the need to add more throughout the day which is what i like. Adding new make up to old make up is not something I like to do with my skin so im glad it’s still long lasting. It looks really natural and can’t tell im wearing that much, even though sometimes i add a second layer! It’s not cakey too which is always a plus.
The one thing that does bother me about this foundation is in heat, i’ve recently noticed that after a couple of hours it makes your face looks SO shiny. When this happens i just use a MAC powder to reduce shine which can be slightly annoying!
This foundation is what i’m currently using and it’s my new favourite. I prefer this over pro longwear because i see more pro’s than cons but again, i still use pro longwear for a nighttime look for the coverage. It just works better for skin.

If you’ve tried these foundations or even others from MAC that you love and want to share please please comment and share reviews of what you think and what suits you. Everyone is different and prefers different foundation purely based on skin type so don’t hesitate to disagree!
If you have similar wants and needs to my overall look definitely consider these foundation if you have not yet tried and tested. Any questions also just contact me in the contact section of my blog and i will get back to you.
Thanks for reading!