Pale Girls Tanning Guide

Well, if you know me you’d know that naturally im very pale! I used to hate it, especially when im not wearing make up and people say ‘aw you look really pale, are you feeling ok?!” awkward….
It’s not that easy being the pasty girl in the sunlight.
First things first, I’m not saying because I’m pale I HAVE to tan, 99% of the time I’m pale and I love it and if you’re pale and love it too, high five! But sometimes I do like to have a bit of a glow and tan, mostly just on my legs if i’m honest! So this is me just expressing my experience and products I love to use if I ever do tan.

I’ve never really been much of a tan person, unless im on holiday i’ll sunbathe but even summer in the UK i tend to not bother. I’m not a big fan on the results that could possibly cause harm!
If i do catch a bit of sun from just being out in it (without sunbathing) i usually just go red then brown for a max of 2 days before I start peeling, so again my skin has to be awkward. If that happens, I’ve tried a few time to match my pale face to my brown(ish) shoulders, neck and back by using darker shade foundations, maybe some bronzer if i feel like it but i really dislike this look on me, I have no idea why but i just think my face looks so much better pale than it does brown. It looks natural and clean-looking i guess!
One thing I didn’t like was getting my pale legs out in the summer! You can only imagine how pale they are throughout the winter getting no direct sunlight, so I started to experiment in some instant fake tans that aren’t too dark and very natural looking for my skin type.
This was a very messy experiment and expensive at that but I done my research and reviews online helped me out so much, so thank you anyone whose every wrote a review for a fake tan!
So, what did I use and what did I like?

St. Tropez instant waterproof tan
St. Tropez sensitive bronzing mousse
Soltan beautiful bronze
Vita Liberata moment by moment rapid mousse
Garnier Ambre Solaire no streaks bronzer
St. Moriz instant self tannning mousse

Without writing a personal review for each of these products i’m just going to explain the ones i like and why for my pale purposes.
St. Tropez bronzing mousse and St.Moriz tanning mousse are a close call but my favourite really is St.Moriz. It looks so beautiful on my skin and looks so natural. Especially if you’re like me and going for a ‘subtle tan’ look instead of fully bronze but you can achieve any look you want simply by adding less or more! It really is perfect. At first I was convinced I’d love St.Tropez because of all the amazing comments i’ve heard about, plus the fact they use it in tanning salons but St.Moriz had done it for me.

Always get the lightest shade available. You can always go darker by just adding more product. It will look muddy if you buy a dark tan on your pale skin no matter how brown you really want to be.
Start off with small amounts of product and gradually build up to the shade you want to achieve.
Use a tanning mitt!
Keep your tan up together, for the fade away process keep moisturizing so you don’t end up in patches of milk bottle hands and a glowing bronze arm

That’s it from me and my tanning talk! I hope if any fellow pale girls read this, it helps and id love to hear from anyone with more tips or any recommendations! I’m fairly new to fake tanning and my aim is to have glowing skin this summer!