The Perfect Wavy/CurlyHair


There are TONS of tutorials of how to achieve the perfect wavy hair and some work, some really don’t but this really does depend on your hair type! Something that might work for you may not work for me but don’t worry, I’ve found something for everyone!
My hair is Ombre and I think it looks perfect cury, it really does show off the colours in my hair.
Plus, I’ve never really been into straight hair. My hair is almost always wavey.
My techniques are so simple I promise!! I have a few ways depending on my desire look. One thing I’m not a fan of is watching a hair tutorial and they show the ”what you’ll need” and im sat there thinking ”ummm… i don’t have any of that…next video!” I only ever use TWO things that require heat, and I’m 100% sure you’ll have one of them. Straighteners of course!
So let’s just go straight ahead to something that you may not have, of course id recommend purchasing because this is what i use ALOT to curl my hair but there are ways around it 🙂

Heated hair rollers! Honestly they do the job great. So so easy and I don’t think they’re even that expensive. Of course if you don’t have heated ones just use normal hair rollers and pop the hairdrying on whilst their in your hair. It works just as well. I use Babyliss heated rollers.

SONY DSCThe rollers come in different sizes so you can go for different types of curls. I always use the biggest ones and I only apply them to the ends of my hair.
I usually leave them in for only 5-10 minutes or whenever I feel the rollers have cooled down. I love the result every time, they never let me down. A little spritz of heat defence spray and putting these in really is simple and doesn’t take long at all.

I love love love beach wave hair and I have another easy way of creating it, with no heat!
All you’ll need for this a few bobby pins, a hair band and some water.
Damp your hair from the middle down and make sure it’s fairy wet! If you want to wash your hair and this you can do that as well 🙂
Now simply gather your hair in one bulk to the top of your head (as if you were going to tie it) and then twist right to the ends, still holding your hair. Once it’s all twisted, then twist again but into a bun and tie up! It can be messy, don’t try to make it look perfect. I find the messier the bun the better! Wait till it’s dry and ta-da! a super cute beach style that let’s face it, pretty effortless!
Incase you’re getting confused with the twisting and styling I’ve linked a video for you i found that shows this beautifully!

Another technique I use now and again is with my straighteners. I simply tie my hair into a plait or just a twisty mess if I’m feeling lazy and i go just clamp my GHDS to the top of my plait for a few seconds, then move lower and lower until i’ve reached my ends. Let my hair cool down and take it out and again, another beautiful beach wave look!

This is my hair using the BaByliss heated rollers: 

10479204_475818082564929_5016789008636916605_nAnd just to show you the difference, here is my hair using the no heat method:
1506798_382051848608220_1018568187_nTry these out and post your results/what you think!